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Yordanos Orthopaedic Hospital has a large number of consultants, many with special interests and particular areas of expertise.
our 100+ staff will make you feel and welcome and comfortable to provide their undivided attention
Welcome To Yordanos Hospital
Yordanos Hospital has 50 beds and over 100 staff. It is mainly engaged in the services for road traffic accident (Trauma) and orthopedics (Back pains, Arthritis, and other musculoskeletal problems)
Objectives of the Yordanos Hospital:1.Rendering health services to the community through cost recovery at reasonable margins in order to make the services sustainable. 2.Facilitating emergency services.
Top Services
Orthopaedic Service
In the twenty-first century to live life with a passion has become the ideal. Even the humblest home accent must offer its owner an intense experience. A hospital is one of society's most important civic buildings these days.
Trauma Service
The architecture of the hospital must respond to both this emotional context, tragedy and the functional requirements of treatment and technology. From this fact, the hospital should give, for patients and staff, a sense of ownership, friendly atmosphere and life-enhancing by producing a positive response.
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